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Rainbow enrichment bowl Sage

Our rainbow enrichment bowls are the perfect tool to tire out those busy brains. 


Designed with several compartments, these mats are great for every day feeding such as raw, kibble or wet food due to the 3.8cm depth.


Made from 100% good grade silicone with a large suction cup on the back meaning it will stay in place while your dog enjoys its time licking up all the goodies. 


Easy to clean and dishwasher safe. 


Can also be frozen, making the enrichment last longer.

Perfect for use in the summer months to help cool your doggy when it gets warm outside.


Mat dimensions 19cm x 19cm


Benefits of our rainbow bowls:


  • Slows down meal time reducing risk of bloating
  • Provides mental stimulation
  • Can help distract during grooming sessions
  • Licking can help calm due to the release of endorphins
  • Can provide distraction during stressful situations

Rainbow enrichment bowl Sage

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