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What people think of us

Shannon A

Amazing lead, very strong and well made, lovely colours!😍

Holly M

Incredible customer service, brilliant handmade products and speedy delivery. Unmatched! :)

Beth F

What can I say.... Absolutely amazing products and customer service. Apologies for the long review but it has to be said. The treats that Holly & Take stock are the yummiest of yummy according to my doggies! I bought 2 of the waterproof collars and they look beautiful, even after a really muddy walk I can just wash them off and they look brand new. I've also bought one of each of the lick mats and they are incredible, they slow my boys eating down and being a nervous dog it really helps to bring his anxieties down. They really know their stuff about doggies. I couldn't recommend them enough!! 

Blue the 

I got a new collar at the Peaslake fair and it is fab. Beautiful soft leather and very smart. I am also loving the duck sausages!

A little bit about us

Hello, we are Dog Decorum and we make products for, you guessed it, your dog!

From tough and stylish leads and collars to dog bowls, blankets and much more to come!

Dogs are who we love and we love making them things. So when we got our own doggy, Willow, our journey as crafters began.

We are mainly found on the road at various crafts markets but have created this platform for those we can't meet face to face!

Have a look and feel free to contact us if you have any questions! We are happy to help!

We hope to see you soon!

Holly, Take & Willow🐾


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